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Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel

Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna
“Can we drop this? I'm going to read.”
“So don't ask me. Read.” With that, the larger man turns his chair to face the window
and adjusts his hearing aids.
It‟s an effort for the older man to settle into his chair and to position himself well for the
light. He searches for his reading glasses and finds them unexpectedly hanging around
his neck. He turns down his hearing aids, then awkwardly gets a grip on the book and
with continuing effort he finally finds the first page. The larger man eyes him impatiently
but says nothing. He then returns to his view out the window, not really looking at the
now too familiar view of the nicely landscaped grounds and grand oak trees.
The other man takes a short drink of water and then, after finding his place with his
finger, clears his throat and begins to read. „‟Too Old To Be Naked‟ by Lloyd Truman.”
“Not the title, dammit. We know the title. Read the story, the story.”
“The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect
the innocent.” He chuckles. “That‟s my favorite part. He didn‟t change our names at
“And we weren‟t so innocent.” More chuckling.
“Good ol' Lloyd. He finally developed a sense of humor.” The old man turns the page
and begins to read:
It all began when my friends, Harvey and Schmitty, saw my naked photo, with not even
so much as sandals on my feet. I‟d written an article about visiting the Tonopah Hot
Springs for the “Nude and Natural” magazine and they printed three of the five photos
I'd sent them. I always hid the magazine when non-naturist friends came over, but on
this day, I just forgot. Harvey spied the magazine on my coffee table and, of course, he
picked it up.”
“That‟s exactly what I did,” interrupts the larger man.
“Stop interrupting.”
On the glossy cover was a woman admiring the scenery somewhere in the Sierras.
She was wearing a hat, a dark green back pack and hiking boots. Nothing else. I
painfully regretted forgetting to hide it, but, of course, it was too late.
Schmitty had asked me for some help with his laptop and when Harvey heard about it
he wanted the benefit of what might turn out to be a helpful learning experience and
asked if he could join us. Of course, I agreed. I truly enjoyed their company and I
invited them both for dinner. Although Harvey was married, he and his wife often ate