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Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel

Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna
Too Old To Be Naked
After two short knocks, the door opens and an attractive middle-aged woman walks in.
She's wearing a casual light blue top, printed with small pastel flowers that complement
her light brown hair. There is no jewelry and she wears just a touch of makeup. Her
white slacks and well-cushioned shoes complete the comfortable uniform that she's
worn for endless years. But despite those years, she carries her still sensual figure with
the pride and purpose of an experienced geriatric nurse. In her hands is a tray with a
small pitcher of water, two cups with pills and two, empty. As expected, she finds the
two old men sitting at a small table, looking through a pile of photographs. Not looking
up, the larger of them speaks sharply, “May I remind you that this is a private room?”
“That‟s really not necessary, but, yes, you may.”
“Smart ass.”
“It‟s time for your morning pills, gentlemen.” She pours water into the two empty cups
and presents the tray, monitoring the slow process as each man identifies and slowly
grasps his cup of pills. They each then cautiously remove a water cup. The larger man
downs his pills with ease, the other, more frail, slowly manages one pill at a time. The
nurse, satisfied, retrieves the paper cups. She turns and, after pulling back the dark
blue drapes and sheers to let in the sunlight, she walks to the door.
The larger man stares at her swaying buttocks as she softly glides away. Privately, she
smiles, well aware of his unspoken admiration, motivated only by his memories.
The other man returns to the photographs. “Those were fun days, they were.”
The other is still looking at the closing door, “Yes sir. Yes, they were.”
“Where did I put that book?” The smaller man puts the photos down and begins
searching the book case next to him. He finds it. “Ahh, here it is. „Too Old To Be
Naked.„ Clever title.”
“What do you mean? I invented that title. He took it from me.”
“You weren‟t writing a book. That‟s just something you said.”
“But I said it, didn‟t I?”
“Anybody could have said it. I could have said it. So what?”
“But you didn‟t. I did.”