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Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel

Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel John Reyna
Senior Hazards: Naturism & Travel
by John Reyna
Too Old To Be Naked: Friendship becomes awkward among three seniors in their
seventies when it's discovered that one of them is a naturist. But things get complicated
when he tricks them into a camping trip to a nudist desert resort. The fun begins even
before they arrive, as the three men in their seventies, struggle to deal with the
environment, clothed and naked strangers, their own senior foibles and, especially,
each other.
Page 2
Nude Awakening: Recovery from divorce at the age of 57 suddenly takes a positive
turn when Roy discovers a nudist beach. I takes an embarrassing experience for him to
finally recognize he can have a meaningful life ahead of him.
Page 38
Boarding Early: A senior couple traveling in Italy discover that boarding a train too early
can lead to unexpected and scary complications.
Page 45