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Sell It Yourself

Chapter 1
Each year thousands of homeowners ask themselves this question - primarily since
traditionally, home sales were the sole domain of real estate brokers and agents.
If you ask a real estate agent about selling your own home, more times than not, they will
explain the process in a way to make it appear more difficult than it really is. For an agent
it would be better to convince you that you should NOT sell you own home: remember
every home that an owner sells represents a brokers' commission lost!
And many times this strategy works; because for most people, their home represents their
most valuable asset and they want to be sure that they get a good return on their
investment. Homeowners have a clear idea of what their house is worth from a variety of
sources; home insurance policies and property taxes to name just two.
When you bought your home, you looked for certain things and now that you have made
the decision to sell your home, the way you look at your home has to change. Just as there
were certain considerations as a buyer, the same holds true in your role as a seller.
Many people use their own home-buying experience as the motivation to sell their own
homes. In recent years between the real estate "boom", heavily discounted mortgage
interest rates, along with the advent of the Internet, many people have become highly
informed on the ins-and-outs of selling property.
In addition, although real estate brokers receive a certain amount of training in order to get
their license, many people feel that the services that they provide have very little impact on
the actual sale of a property and in some cases, cause more problems for the buyer and the
Not only are more real estate owners taking matters into their own hands, today more
prospective buyers are also aware of the impact of the brokerage fee on the amount they
pay for a property and prefer to deal directly with the owner.
Some of the tactics used under the guise of selling your home benefit the broker more than
the person selling the home. Here are a few of the reasons why more homeowners are
taking control of the sale of their home:
Wasting time hosting an "Open House"