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Secrets of Successful Newsletters

Chapter 1
“Welcome to…
Secrets Of Successful
Congratulations and welcome to the first free chapter of
“Secrets Of Successful Newsletters”. You are about to embark on a
journey. A journey that will allow you to generate a substantial
income by writing just a few pages each week from home. So kick off
your shoes, take a pew and get comfortable. You’re in for a real
I have created for you a simple, step by step course for writing your
very own killer newsletter. As you progress through the course you
will gain insider knowledge of the newsletter business. Knowledge that
is only known by a small number of successful newsletter writers such
as myself. Knowledge that ensures our success year in, year out.
You can do exactly the same as me. I’m sure of that.
What makes me so sure? Because I’m a living example that anyone
can do this. In fact, I firmly believe that anyone can do anything, if
it is at all possible. And as you turn the pages of this course, I am
positive that you will agree with me.
Each month you will receive a publication like this one. And
each month you will be given the information required to build your
knowledge of how to succeed in this field. Even if you decide you are
not ‘cut out’ for this business, the information contained within will
enrich your life and prepare you for any business venture.
“Why will it prepare me for any business venture?”
Well, look around you and you’ll see that all successful
businesses have a newsletter. Or if they don’t, they would be more
successful with one. Why? Because a newsletter is the best way to
maximize customer retention.
Let me explain a little bit more about customer retention and
why a newsletter can be used in any business, as a separate profit
making sub-business.
Many businesses have realized that they are losing customers
faster than they can get them. This is a sad fact of life for most
types of business. The reasons why they’re losing customers are given
on the next page…
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