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Secrets of Successful Newsletters

Dear Fellow Writer,
My name is Antony John Babington and I have some very exciting
news for you!
Would you be interested in discovering a way to make money
($80,000.00 + per year!), writing just two pages of A4 per week?
(That's less than 13 lines per day!) With no start up marketing costs!
I know you've probably heard all this before but the fact is, I
have found a way for you to be able to do this. And you are one of the
first to be offered this unique opportunity.
If you love to write, or have always wanted to write, I urge
you to read what I have to say in this letter. It will only take about
30 seconds of your time.
I can show you how you can write from your own home and make
great money as part of the bargain.
I know for a fact that this is possible because I know people
doing this right now, and it's quite unbelievably easy too. Once you
have the insider secrets I am going to reveal to you…
It has nothing to do with the internet (unless you want it to)
or MLM. That type of crap is for mugs! The internet is so full of
affiliate sites that it's nearly impossible to get any traffic, I know
this because I've been there. And MLM schemes only pay if you started
them yourself or you're nearly at the top of the pyramid.
This is very different...
I can show you how to make any idea you come up with work! Or
if it's already working, I can show you how to make it up to an extra
$80,000.00 per year!
Now, maybe you're thinking, "This is just another one of those
cons!" so let me put your mind at rest.
I am looking for writers. This is for real. I am willing to
show you how to do this from your own home, relaxing in your favourite
comfy chair.
I am also willing to show you how to make great money. And live
the life you've always dreamed of. The writer's life!
Look… One of the profitable publishing ventures of all time is
newsletter writing…
Look around you…As soon as someone creates a new product on the
internet… BANG… it’s being copied and sold better and faster than you
ever could… So what does this mean…?
It means you need to create some that can’t be copied… Something
that can’t be rehashed and sold cashing in on all of your hard work…
Newsletters are the one and only thing no one can copy and sell
over your head…
- 1 -