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Screaming Batfish Blues

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Scott L. Anderson

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Fact is often mixed with fiction. That's also the case in this story of two men who decide to escape the drudgery of small town living in Minnesota by joining the post Vietnam-era Navy. They soon join in the flourishing drug trade, with horrifying results for both men. It's a story full of rock and roll, drugs, military espionage, sex, prison, and eventually murder. Screaming Batfish Blues runs from the farmlands of Minnesota to the islands of Hawaii to the seedy underbelly of Los Angeles as both men try to flee from the personal hell they have created for themselves.

Rebecca Bennett

Really enjoyed this book, very gritty, funny & shocking, right good read

Carmenn Schutte

Nice story line. the only 'bad' thing was the excessive use of cursing & swearing & using God's name in vain tooooooooo often.


Scott L. Anderson

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