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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks

Sacred Memories, the Folk of Yore

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Published: 4 years ago

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The Society of Folk, mystical Beings of Light from the 11th dimension, chose Aurial of Darluse Wood, a humble parchment maker in 7th century England, to visit their realm, pervaded with Pure Love. Aurial chronicles the wonders he experienced there and includes a message for Earth's future, our present day, about the potential for cataclysm and also Great Transformation. He warns that for mankind to survive, Love must survive in a world blind to its own suffering. Aurial sees the planet beset by the ignorance of her rude guests, flirting with killing our own environment. How will we respond? Will we outstay our welcome, push our planet too far? Will we enter into a feverish battle with Earth for survival, or experience a Great Shift in consciousness? The answers are within you.

Aurial of Darluse Wood

In writing "Sacred Memories" (and this applies to the other books of "The Folk of Yore" as well), I anticipated a different experience for everyone who reads it. For those whose minds are open, unattached to the familiar or inherited, this will be a totally new experience. For those who prefer to keep one foot on familiar ground, the book will liken itself to a previous experience or exposure. For those not looking for growth and expansion, the book will appear as gibberish, unconsumable. My words are meant not to limit you, but to give you the freedom to use "Sacred Memories" in any way you see fit, be it as a reason to remain anchored to the ground upon which you stand or to set yourself free and fly. There is no right or wrong interpretation, only that which fits the reader. As I was led to understand and then write, "All things are relative to things within the same reality. To cross betwixt realities, unlock perceptions of learned thoughts."

claude irby

This book reminds me of Pilgrims Progress. A good read and an enchanting world view. I got a little lost in the magnitude, but liked the presentation enough to read about half before wishing to have a little more idea of where and how the story was to progress. It had a lot of fun segments with the wonder of non-physical phenomena, but the purpose and plot were not strong enough in the first part of the text to engender enough curiosity in how the whole thing was going to work together. A winderful effort to displace Pilgrims Progress with similar context, but the re-write would need editing for time spent reading it. For something as ethereal as this the point should be given early and the support of the text should follow suit. Not enough push and pull to keep the reader in grips with the connection between the revelation of a spirit life and the reality of existence which we all endure dauly in our own lives. I applaud the coceptt of mental discipline and wonder if God will ever allow us to attain it? How many of the billions of humanity ever stop to think of forever seriously enough to make the effort to seek it out?


Aurial of Darluse Wood

I was born near the hamlet of Avebury in the south of England in the year 600 A.D. It was a time of great darkness and my parents were subject to the will and wont of the local overlord. Sensing a destiny and my place in it, when I was three years of age, they turned over all their worldly goods—and me— to the wise and loving brothers of a newly established monastery. Shortly thereafter my mother and father perished during a pestilence. The monks raised me and eventually trained me as a parchment maker. When I came of age, they returned to me my parents' sheltery and all their possessions which had been held safe for me. Only then was I prepared to meet my Master Armaton and my destiny. He prepared and escorted me on a Journey to the 11th dimensional realm of the Society of Folk. My time there was limited to three days as measured on Earth, a leisured year in Folk Space. It was there I wrote "Sacred Memories" … for you and for Mother Earth.

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