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Rock Book Volume I: The Boy from the County Hell

This story makes up Volume I in the Rock Book series.
This is a story comprised and inspired by working literary covers
of the following songs by The Pogues, The Clash, Johnny Cash
and Nick Cave:
The Boys from the County Hell
The Guns of Brixton
Red Right Hand
Fairy Tale of New York
Boat Train
London Calling
When the Man Comes Around
Summer in Siam
Parts of lyrics of said songs were used in the writing of this
book, in describing scenes and in character’s speech, hence it be-
ing a literary cover.
Please don’t sue me. I don’t make money off these stories. You’ll
just be promoting my books. Wait, sue me. Everyone, sue me.
All descriptions of characters are complete ? ctional representa-
tions of the ? ctional identities presented in media worldwide and
no way re? ect the attitudes or beliefs of the people who attain
these names or identities in real life. It’s a story. So don’t sue me.
I was possessed by the devil when writing this novel so I can’t be
held responsible for your ill feelings and your hurt pride.