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Revolution 222

In making things end, and in making things start,
there is nothing more glorious than keeping still.
- Ancient Chinese text
This book is called Revolution222, and it's about a revolution here in America when a guy named Bob thinks of
an idea that changes the world. His idea involves taking responsibility for his own life by creating a "free
republic of Boblovia" that answers to nobody and gets its power from the individual.
Bob espouses the idea that taking full responsibility for his life is the only way to personally live, and by doing
so, he shows others how to gain control over their lives. It results in a revolution that goes viral, and sweeps
across America, changing the way Americans think and live. It is a very beautiful story, written in a narrative
style that really hits the reader's imagination. It is full of lucid episodes and intermingling lives and places. It is a
very powerful story. Read it, then please tell others about it. It is free for anyone who is interested in how they
might make a meaningful change. The eBook is in PDF, HTML, MS Word, and TXT, so anyone anywhere can
read it.
In Revolution222, people begin to take time to be still enough, long enough, to know what direction to move in.
The direction they travel involves everyone buying into a new dream, discarding this nightmare that we
inherited at birth. In the book, we see just that happening, and also the means by which it occurs.
The book explains how each of us can awaken our hearts to new possibilities based on every one of us accepting
their own individual sovereignty. We each are a nation of one, choosing to connect with like-minded sovereign
individuals who also accept their personal responsibility to be happy.
DON'T BE AFRAID TO BE HAPPY! Revolution222 tells the tale of how a single idea can spread rapidly via
the new technologies now available to everyone. 222 - February 22nd., is the call for the Revolution from the
Couch; the "Couch Potato Revolution"... the "don't just do something, Sit there!" Revolution.
You can't get everyone to do something, so let's get everyone to do Nothing. Find the place of stillness, the
center of the soul and operate from there, fearlessly and from the HEART. Wake up, and experience the
moment...this moment forward when we all cast off our chains by accepting our role in all the things that are not
right in the world and take on the responsibility to change the world by first changing ourselves.
Back Book Cover:
What If?
What if a single idea, originating from one mind, could change the world? What if all that it took was one
person, the right person, awakening to the realization of a new dream? Could it be you? …Would you recognize
it when it happened? Bob was gifted with the number 222. What does that mean? Who knows? Bob didn’t, but
he found out. In his search he awakened to a new reality, a new way of being, with new eyes, it was a freaking
epiphany. One day Bob declared his independence, cast off his shackles and proclaimed his individual
sovereignty. He became the Free Republic of Boblovia, a nation of one, free to live in direct connection to his
divinity. Another path opens, a path through the don’t just do something, sit there revolution. A revolution of
mind and spirit that goes far beyond what we think of as revolution.
Published by Robert Fenstermaker, February 2012