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Sci-fi Fantasy Ebooks


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Published: 3 years ago

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So here we stand, in the center of the massive Companion Hall, amid Companions and Keepers from across the galaxy. I could see each ledge above occupied by a Companion, (in their true size), and their Keeper, many of which I personally knew. Each Companion had answered the call; some unknown desire that had risen from their inner depths urging them to return to their home world. Never in Companion history had a call gone out like this - summoning all the Companions in the Galaxy.


Not to be redundant but OMG hurry up and write the sequel....I thought this was a great story line and the characters were so engaging even in such a short story, I can only imagine what a full length novel would be like.

henry straley

But.. story line confused Brent opened door to allow hawk into cabin before storm. Author indicated this was first time and hawk had to think about it. Then later when Hawk was talking with Mya, Hawk indicated he knew and trusted Brent and had for some time. That puts the entering into cabin story line at fault. Authro neweds to maintain idea/image flow, when this does not occur, the reader must stop and rearrange the sotry which should never happen. Well it should only happen when it is to, on purpose, reange the thought process of the reader. Also end was to quick, like the author had gotten bored and wanted to finish it.


I enjoyed your story very much. You ought to write a sequel.

Gordon Long

This book has an extremely hokey plot with no reader preparation for what is going to happen. It has constant disorienting POV changes. It is poorly edited. The backstory at the beginning is far too long. The good characterization cannot make up for the flaws.

Joe Harding

One of those stories you wish was longer. I hope J.Barrett is writing this as a series.


J. Barrett

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