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Raised by Reapers

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Published: 2 years ago

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Author: Melissa Pederson

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Delia was kidnapped when she was just a toddler and woke up in a strange world full of people who weren't quite people. Her kidnappers told her she was a Reaper- a being who took the souls of the dead and dying. They raised her to do what they wanted through the means of torture and seclusion along with a boy with a odd scar on his face, Adrian. They send her to get Adrian "in line" after he screws up a job- but she does exactly the opposite. Adrian lets Delia in on secrets and talks her into planning an escape. But do they make it out?


Short and un-descriptive. An excellent idea, but the writing was very rushed and the background is never explained well. It's a long dialogue.

Catriona Taylor

An enjoyable read, good characters really grab you quickly and i like the premise. Like others, I'd really like to read this as a full-length novel.


i liked it but it is very short, so u shuld make a series out of it


Like it, but it's only 8 pages. The Main story is interesting for me and....yes, you should write a novel of it.

June Lillebuen

This had a whole lot of potential, you should write a novel of it instead. The way it is now, it's much too short. It's over before you even get into it, you know?


The book kept me in suspense until the end. It was to the point however hopefully a sequel will follow to see how they survive, find her home etc. Enjoyed reading this.


A short tease. you should make a novel out of it. Interesting main character but a little confusing at first where she remembers being carried in a bag, with mold and death, no idea what was going on there untill I kinda figured at the end.


Melissa Pederson

My pen name is Emma Rose...just so ya'll know. I grew up in the rainy northwest and and stayed indoors mostly, writing and reading as many books as i can. It's my dream to be a writer and i'm working toward that dream by writing as much as i can and listening to feedback.

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