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Psycho-Educational Skills For Managing Students with Recurrent Behavior Problems: Cognitive-Emotive Interventions

Classroom Management Strategies for Dealing with Habitually Disruptive Students:
Applications of Psycho-Educational Principles and Methods
Psycho-Educational Principles Therapeutic Teachers Use to Reduce Habitually Disruptive
Behaviors in the Classroom
The Psycho-Educational Teacher: Teacher’s Characteristics that Promote Positive Classroom
Behavior in Emotionally Troubled and Acting-Out Students
A Psycho-Educational Model for Managing Habitually Disruptive Classroom Behavior: The
Solution-Focused Approach
A Language and Communication Approach to Discipline: Improving Children’s Behavior
Using Persuasion and Positive Messages
Persuasive Discipline: Using Power Messages and Suggestions to Influence Children Toward
Positive Behavior
A Psycho-Education Skill Building Guide for Teachers: Social Problem-Solving
A Psycho-Education Skill Building Guide for Teachers: The Cognitive-Emotive Method