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Press 1 for Pig Latin

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Published: 4 years ago

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Author: Robert S. Swiatek

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This FREE e-Book explains how technological advances such as cars, bombs, computers, televisions, and telephones have contributed toward inflicting humanity and the planet Earth with too many adverse effects; and includes suggestions on how to address them. Download it today!


This is mostly the author complaining. Unlike the blurb suggests there are virtually no solutions. The 'solutions' that are presented do not exist because we live in an economy where people buy the cheapest thing that works instead of buying value. So I can sum it up for you in this way: Everything sucks even when you do what you're supposed to, we should have better stuff but don't. If you like watching Lewis Black you may enjoy the book. A note about format: The PDF is weirdly a thin column like a newspaper. I thought this was just for intro at first but the entire book is that way


Robert S. Swiatek

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