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Pilgrimage "Hajj"

The fact is that this nation will find no way to be reformed except
the way that reformed its first ancestors. This is the way that was
followed by our great father Abraham (pth).[2]
Let us resort to the supreme guidance of our Prophet (cpth). Let him
(cpth) be the sun of your life and a guide for all your affairs, for you
will find none other than he is an imam and teacher for yourself. It
is he alone who was able to reveal the reality of this life and the
weighty purpose lying behind this creation. It is he alone who can
answer all your questions about worship.
With relation to pilgrimage, the subject of our research in this book,
people find no answer for many obscure questions, such as the
Why does Al‘lah have the pilgrimage take place in an arid desert?
In the old days, the pilgrim had to suffer great physical pain and
face many dangers. Why was a waterless and treeless valley chosen
as the place for this important event? Why did Al‘lah not locate it in
a green land of beauty and fascinating nature, instead of this wild
and distant place that is devoid of people?
Why should the pilgrims take off all their clothes and dress
strangely in white pieces of cloth, like a person who is bathing? This
seems to be an odd appearance that can hardly be seen in any other
country, and a very strange fashion that is worn by nobody else.
Why should this person be put through these hardships and stringent
conditions, and not be allowed even to scratch their heads? They
must wear special untailored clothes. They cannot have any
arguments, disputes, no laughter, no joking and no chatting. If they
scratch their heads, they must present a sacrifice (to slaughter a
sheep and distribute it to the poor before completing the ritual).
What is the wisdom of circulating Al-Ka‘ba, although it is just a big
stone which can neither see nor hear, and which neither harms nor