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Pilgrimage "Hajj"

Foreword by Prof. Abdul-Kadir John alias Al-
1- Prof. A. K. John Alias Al-Dayrani
All praises are to God, the Provider of all worlds; best and perfect
communication with Him and peace are through our master
Mohammad (cpth) [1], the first guide and teacher over all creation.
Oh God of all, our Provider! Glory to You, as Your lofty Majesty
and high Prestige deserve to be glorified!
How could we fail to find You, our Provider, although Your firm
Robe is always stretched out to us, so that we may cling to it at any
Verily, humanity has sunk into absolute ignorance, not seeking to
know the real purpose behind this life and the fate to be faced after
death. We have neglected to recognize the Creator of everything,
and instead have exhorted our abilities and powers to explore and
enjoy what is temporal and short- lived!