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Phonics for Kids - help Your Child to Read and Write

Understanding Phonics
When we speak, we join sounds together to make words.
We form these words into sentences.
The sounds of the English language are sorted into 2 groups.
1) Vowel sounds
2) Consonant sounds
English has
18 vowel sounds
25 consonant sounds
These sounds are used to make hundreds of thousands of words.
Words are a collection of vowel and consonant sounds blended together.
Every word must have at least one vowel sound.
A syllable is a word or part of a word with only one vowel sound. Most English
words have 2 or more syllables.
We use the 26 letters in the English alphabet to represent the 18 vowel
sounds and 25 consonant sounds.
The English Alphabet has 26 letters to spell around 44 sounds.
This means that English is more complicated than if there was one letter for
every sound.
Also, English vowel sounds may be spelled in different ways.
This is why English spelling can be confusing at times.
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