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Peter Ruff and the Double Four

I.9. The Perfidy Of Miss Brown
Peter Ruff came down to his office with a single letter in his hand, bearing a
French postmark. He returned his secretary's morning greeting a little absently,
and seated himself at his desk.
"Violet," he asked, "have you ever been to Paris?"
She looked at him compassionately.
"More times than you, I think, Peter," she answered.
He nodded.
"That," he exclaimed, "is very possible! Could you get ready to leave by the two-
twenty this afternoon?"
"What, alone?" she exclaimed.
"No - with me," he answered.
She shut down her desk with a bang.
"Of course I can!" she exclaimed. "What a spree!"
Then she caught sight of a certain expression on Peter Ruff's face, and she
looked at him wonderingly.
"Is anything wrong, Peter?" she asked.
"No," he answered, "I cannot say that anything is wrong. I have had an invitation
to present myself before a certain society in Paris of which you have some
indirect knowledge. What the summons means I cannot say."
"Yet you go?" she exclaimed.