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Pathway to Light: The Golden Mile

Pathway to Light: The Golden Mile

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Published: 6 months ago

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Author: Love Inspiration

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For those looking for spiritual evolution, healing, love or happiness in their life, this book provides you with the opportunity for a deep and profound transformation from within. May you blossom as you are guided towards a clearer understanding of what is described by the Guides as “The New Consciousness”. As a book of healing, channeled messages, attainments and of pure love, light, this book help you to feel more of your truly divine and loving center as you move through these very unique and profound set of healing attainments. A must read for anyone who is ‘on the path’ or for anyone who simply wishes to receive more love, light and happiness in their life; a deeply loving and purifying set of energies that we share freely and with love from our hearts - may all beings benefit!


Love Inspiration

Love Inspiration is a not for profit organisation which offers many kinds of energy based healing practices, channelled teachings and attunements for the new consciousness. It is with love that we offer all of these teachings, energies and attunements for the benefit of all beings.

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