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Pani's Island

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Published: 5 months ago

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Author: Tony Brown

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In this tale, anti-hero Godfrey arrives on Greek shores in the role of a modern day Odysseus. Appointed by fate, can he - as Odysseus before him - protect the heritage of a desperate people whilst the odds seem against them? My tale weaves greed, lust, mythology and crime, together with family values, honour, music and a love and eye for all that is Greek. The blue Aegean sky, a shared secret, ancient relics and help from the goddess Athena the story starts at a 'siga siga' pace then develops into a warp-speed crescendo as every good Greek drama should.


Tony Brown

I have been visiting Greece every year for half my adult life filling dog-eared note books with fragments and snatches of life and gossip to keep me going through the colder months when I'm home again in Cornwall. Sandy, my wife, and I live in our quirky 300 year-old cottage on the Lizard Peninsular, the most southerly point in Britain and in between visits to Greece, we grow vegetables and fruit in our garden, although sometimes we just sit there and listen to it hum. Should you be interested you can visit me on my website at

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