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Pamela or Virtue Rewarded

the way of them both!
Your dutiful DAUGHTER.
Letter 19
Our John having an opportunity to go your way, I write again, and send both letters
at once. I can't say, yet, when I shall get away, nor how I shall come, because Mrs.
Jervis shewed my master the waistcoat I am flowering for him, and he said, It looks
well enough: I think the creature had best stay till she has finished it.
There is some private talk carried on betwixt him and Mrs. Jervis, that she don't tell
me of; but yet she is very kind to me, and I don't mistrust her at all. I should be very
base if I did. But to be sure she must oblige him, and keep all his lawful commands;
and other, I dare say, she won't keep: She is too good; and loves me too well; but
she must stay when I am gone, and so must get no ill will.
She has been at me again to ask to stay, and humble myself. But what have I done,
Mrs. Jervis? said I: If I have been a sauce-box, and a bold- face, and a pert, and a
creature, as he calls me, have I not had reason? Do you think I should ever have
forgot myself, if he had not forgot to act as my master? Tell me from your own heart,
dear Mrs. Jervis, said I, if you think I could stay and be safe: What would you think,
or how would you act in my case?
My dear Pamela, said she, and kissed me, I don't know how I should act, or what I
should think. I hope I should act as you do. But I know nobody else that would. My