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Overcoming the Storms of Life: A Guide to Personal and Spiritual Empowerment

I dedicate this book to Alana Daniels for her continued friendship,
technical support, and commitment to the goals and objectives of
Change Enterprises, Inc, my family, friends who provided
encouragement to me in all of my creative ventures, and nurtured
me when I was ill. They gave me the energy, motivation, and
desire to go on to greater heights by having faith in me.
I am especially indebted to my Aunt Tiny who continues to be my
most avid fan and cheerleader; she was and continues to be a
strong and positive force for me as I grew into adulthood through
perilous times.
I appreciate the challenges posed to me by the negative forces and
people in my life; these challenges afforded me the opportunities to
grow and to crystallize my faith.