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Our Holy Hell: The Causes, the Solutions

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Published: 4 years ago

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Basically, lies are bad. Ok? Here is where lies go to die. Which will make this book unpalatable for most of you. This book may not be Newton's "Principia Mathematica" or Darwin's "The Origin of Species." But given the problems of the world, it is easily the most important book ever written. Possibly the most important book that will ever be written. This book contains hundreds of quotes from the bible that are either stupid, lies, or are evil to varying degrees. (Though this book doesn't list all such examples) These contain many philosophies that are common to all religions. By taking the approach that I do, you will find out what the right way to look at things is and why. Only a fool or criminal could read this book and deny that religion plays the major role in speeding this planet toward doom. Can you handle the truth? Will you dare to look into this mirror? Or stick with the same old comfortable, destructive lies.

M. Vanesto

Who made the author judge over the Bible? I wonder....

Jeff Callen

This book is probably the most important book of its kind ever written. But somebody who is probably a religious zealot leaving comments here named Mr. Radillo doesn't seem to like it. Big surprise! He complains about using the English translation of the bible. Well this translation was good enough to burn witches, blow up abortion clinics, make millions look forward to the destruction of the Earth as foretold in the revelation and a lot of other filthy crap. He also seems to be concerned about the interpretation of the bible. But it says what it says. If something can't be plainly and clearly stated like the author Aron Loyd does, then there's a good chance that somebody is just trying to sucker you. Interpretations, codes, conspiracy theories, religious prophesy's, etc. These things mainly exist as a means of helping people escape from the truth. Mr Radilldo also accuses the author of subterfuge by using a big impressive word. Tergiversation. Maybe he should be more interested in talking to people instead of trying to talk around them. If the truth leads to certain end's, it isn't the author's fault. He also accuses the author of making extensive use of fallacies. Well the only fallacies involved are in the bible. As far as what Aron Loyd says goes, I am old enough and intelligent enough to bet my life that he is telling the truth. Who is this worm Mr. Radilldo to call him a liar. But don't take my word for it. And definitely don't take Mr. Radilldo's word. Read it yourself. If you think you have the guts. Then make up your own mind.

Aron Loyd

Mr. Radillo, I was wondering how long it would take for brainless brainwashed idiots to attack my book. How dare you accuse me of subterfuge and lies you worm. You also bring up the notion if my interpretation. But I am only interested in the facts. Interpretations, conspiracy theories, codes, prophesies, etc. Those things mainly exist as a means of distracting people from what they should really be concerned about. You say I make extensive use of fallacies. The things I comment on in the Bible may be untrue. But what I have to say about them is probably more true than any Human has ever said about anything. Ever! But for anybody out there reading this, don't take my word for it. And certainly don't take Mr. Radillo's word for it. Please read my book and make up your own minds. This book is offered to you for free because no publisher would dare publish a book that told the truth. Which this book does from the first page to the last. I hope you take advantage of it.

Mark Jerome

This book is filled with facts. It takes on a subject that is hard to hear but must be said. The author gives a compelling argument of what should be and how it could be. Life without rose color glasses is fully disclosed within its pages. I found the author to be precise in what needs to be said, sometimes the truth is just as ugly as the lies. Needs to be read. Absolutely riveting with ideas and real facts.

Carlos Abner Radillo

In the very first lines of the first chapter, the writer makes his assumptions by reading (in this case) the English translation of a text written originally in another language. He completely misses the fact that the book of Genesis can be interpreted in mora ways than just literally. Also, he tries to delude people by suggesting that truth will make them uncomfortable (to which I certainly agree). However, his is not truth, but a tergiversation of ideas, symbolisms and possibly facts, found in the religious text. He makes extensive use of fallacies, thus not taking into consideration that there is people who can really use their brains and their thinking abilities to debunke his postulates... the book might have a few good points to highlight, but in a general sense, its nothing more than a waste of time... Sorry...


Aron Loyd

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