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Youth Ebooks


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Published: 1 year ago

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Author: Cy Young

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When twelve-year-old "Onions" arrives at his new foster home in Lozen, Arizona, he brings with him only a skateboard and a lot of anger. After he spots an old lady and tries to snatch her purse, he learns the first of many lessons Sandrine, a retired circus performer, will teach him. From Sandrine he learns about the magic of books, the challenge of playing the trumpet, and, most of all, love.

Brenda Baird

I love this story as it has a good development of relationships and a positive view of the development of outcome. Also I appreciated a story without the writer depending on the use of crude language.

Ronald Ford

An excellent read, there are those who choose to have a positive experience in life.


A wonderful and hopeful story about a troubled young man and the old lady who teaches him about music and reading.


Cy Young

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