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One Thousand Lollipops

checked. Sam privately thought that the sight of Tufty snarling CLEAN YOUR
TEETH! would put them off toothbrushes for life.
However, that wasn’t his problem. Sam tried to forget about Tufty, and turned
back to his box.
At last! It was time for sugar, candy, lollies, chocolate! His mouth was already
watering. What should he choose today?
A sherbet fizz? Jellybeans? Liquorice allsorts? Fruit gums or chocolate raisins?
Hungrily Sam opened his box. He tossed aside the pictures of cars that hid his
treasure, and saw–
– a few grains of sherbet and an ancient, woolly wine gum.
“Oh, bother!”
Sam remembered now. He’d polished off the chocolate raisins a few days ago,
and eaten the last jellybean yesterday.
“One measly wine gum!” grumbled Sam. He stuck it in his mouth anyway. “I
need to restock. I need more sweets – now! I want lollies!”
Angrily he rammed the lid back on the empty box and kicked it under the bed.
Then he rattled his money-box and prised out the contents. Two buttons and a paper-
“But today’s Saturday,” Sam reminded himself. “Pocket money day!” As long as
his room was tidy, Mum would give him his pocket money.
Then he could run down to the shop owned by Hanif’s Dad, to buy his weekly
hoard of wonderful sweet treats.
Mum thought he just bought comics there, because he always came back with a
bundle of them. She didn’t realise that Hanif’s Dad gave him last week’s comics for
free – and that all Sam’s money went on toffees, mints and gobstoppers.
Now Sam zoomed around the bedroom like a human vacuum cleaner, scooping up
crayons, socks and comics and stuffing them into his drawers.
There! Tidy. He galloped downstairs to demand his pocket money from Mum. As
he was about to run outside to find her, the doorbell rang.
“Mum!” shouted Sam. But Mum was still in the back garden, and couldn’t hear.
So Sam opened the door.
“Sam Hunter?”