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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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Published: 3 years ago

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Book One in the series, An Ozark dairy goat farm is an unlikely meeting place for a wealthy salesman and a conservative country girl. Stranger yet is their instant attraction to each other. Carmen doesn't want to be rescued from her financial woes - especially by someone who hasn't recovered from his last failed relationship. Their tumultuous romance is a little like a wild roller coaster ride, neither knowing how it might end. Compromise seems the only possible solution, but how does a person go about compromising their dreams - and will they regret it later?

Jiya Coolzzz

A very good read

Hande Aksoy

I love your books, Linda Louise Rigsbee! Can't wait for the next one! Thanks a lot!

Astride Despéroux

i love the book :) the way you wrote this story, without rushing, one thing at a time, and you did not do those dramas (when Alex thought Josh and Carmen was getting engaged).... Thumbs up

Jiya Coolzzz

A great book. Great characters. A great author.

Melissa Colvin

Love love love this book, must know what happens next! Please continue writing!!

veronica Enoch

I love the fact that a beautiful romance story was delivered,with emphasis on values.Saving oneself for marriage is something a lot of people consider outdated now,but free sex has become one of the bane in our society and is responsible for lots of marital problems in our society today.There was humour and that's what every good story should have!kudos to you Linda Louise Rigsbee!


It was an okay book. It wasn't the best, but not the worst. It definetly kept me entertained and the whole time I was annoyed how the girl kept basically rejecting the guy. It kept me interested, so thumbs up. :)


I really enjoyed this one! Well written - a delightful read.

Lisa Beard

It was a very realistic love story and kept you very interested. Great book.

Machelle Moore

Great book, really enjoyed it, I read it straight through.

Aine Pedersen

A well written romance that stays out of the bed room. Refreshing and very enjoyable. Well done, Linda Louise!


Linda Louise Rigsbee

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