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On the Outside Looking In: Hope for Separated Fathers Who Want to be Good Fathers

The Epilogue has a final word to separated (reconciled) fathers and the Appendix lists
resources, including publications, websites and organizations that can be helpful to fathers.
I hope that you enjoy On the Outside Looking In and will be challenged by it as you read the
opinions and stories. Hopefully, the suggestions in this book will go a long way toward helping
separated- fathers and their children live more fulfilling loves.
May God truly bless you all!
Akili Kumasi
June 2006
Chapter One:
Breaking-Up Is Hard To Do
(The Social Phenomenon of the Separated Father)
My Father Was My Hero
I remember one day when I was about five years old. My father took me to the park where
he played basketball with his buddies. I played in the children’s area on the swings and then
moved to the big slide. It was a really B-I-G slide and I was a little scared to climb up that tall
ladder. I took the challenge anyway and slowly climbed up step-by-step, all the way to the top -
and all the time keeping my eye on my father who was scoring points on the basketball court like
Wilt Chamberlin and Michael Jordan combined.
When I reached the top of the slide I carefully began to change positions from the ladder
side to the slide side.
That’s all I remember of that part of the scene because when I woke up I was in my father’s
arms as he was running down the street to get me home.