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No Name

Between The Scenes
Extract from the Advertising Columns of "The Times."
"AN UNKNOWN FRIEND is requested to mention (by advertisement) an address
at which a letter can reach him. The receipt of the information which he offers will
be acknowledged by a reward of Five Pounds."
From Captain Wragge to Magdalen.
"Birmingham, July 2d, 1847.
"MY DEAR GIRL -- The box containing the articles of costumes which you took
away by mistake has come safely to hand. Consider it under my special
protection until I hear from you again.
"I embrace this opportunity to assure you once more of my unalterable fidelity to
your interests. Without attempting to intrude myself into your confidence, may I
inquire whether Mr. Noel Vanstone has consented to do you justice? I greatly
fear he has declined -- in which case I can lay my hand on my heart, and
solemnly declare that his meanness revolts me. Why do I feel a foreboding that
you have appealed to him in vain? Why do I find myself viewing this fellow in the
light of a noxious insect? We are total strangers to each other; I have no sort of
knowledge of him, except the knowledge I picked up in making your inquiries.
Has my intense sympathy with your interests made my perceptions prophetic?
or, to put it fancifully, is there really such a thing as a former state of existence?
and has Mr. Noel Vanstone mortally insulted me -- say, in some other planet?