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News Releases on Herbal Remedies

Pete & Aileen Rumball: About us
We were the first couple to be married in the John Flynn Memorial Church in Alice Springs in 1956,
and are still going strong (sort of) at the time of writing, late 2011.
Aileen is the only daughter of Alex McLeod of Utopia Station (now known as Urapuntja), educated
at PGC in Adelaide, and at the time of our engagement was a radio operator for the Royal Flying
Doctor Base in the Alice.
I was the only son of Bob Rumball, one of the first people to regularly travel the track to the Alice
from the Southern Flinders Ranges as a representative for the Shell Company of Australia. He
eventually moved to the Alice and I was educated at Queens College in Adelaide. Then later in "The
Alice" Higher/Primary School.
Bob took over the Shell Depot in the Alice as an agency, Rumball & Jury, and I joined him in this
business, also taking on other agencies including Southern
Cross Machinery.
Aileen and I later moved out to Utopia and started growing
30 acres of Lucerne (alfalfa) under irrigation from an
underground water supply, eventually producing over a ton
(imperial) per acre almost every month.
Us on Holiday in Hong Kong 2 years after
my burns accident
Then tragedy struck, Aileen's only brother died suddenly at
the age of 30 whilst he was in negotiations to take over
Utopia from his father. The property was sold to a
neighbour who also took over the Lucerne block.
After a short time in the Alice we moved to Queensland where we engaged in different ventures
including cattle raising, Real Estate, motor bike dealing, Boutique Shop, and Stained Glass work.
While running the Motor Bike Shop I suffered a 60% burns accident which put me in the Royal
Brisbane Hospital Burns Ward for 3 months, followed by a 12 month convalescence.
On retirement we sold up everything, bought a lovely caravan and travelled around the goldfields of
NSW, Victoria and West Australia, prospecting Gold with considerable success.
We are now in a retirement village and I spend 18 hours a day on my computer, writing 'net articles,
building websites, walking the dog (Rusty Nails), and generally keeping out of mischief (sort of)