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Neewa the Wonder Dog and the Ghost Hunters! Volume One: The Indian Medicine Woman's Mystery Revealed

Neewa the Wonde r Dog and the Ghost Hunters!
Volume One: The Indian Medicine Woman’s Mystery is Revealed!
By John Cerutti
Published by John Cerutti at Smashwords
Copyright 2010 John Cerutti
ISBN-10 0615408540
ISBN-13 9780615408545
Version 12 29 12
Adventure and mystery in the uncanny spirit world captivate the young lives of
fourteen- year-old Christina and her sister Jackie, eleven. When the family moves 1500
miles from their home in New Jersey to the desert of the American Southwest, they
encounter many spirits—some good, some evil.
Out West the family seeks out the paranormal, hunting ghosts with the latest,
most sophisticated devices. Their searches take them to several eerie places, including a
remote forest, a ghost town and a sacred buria l ground. They also explore an isolated
Native American stream and investigate an Indian Pow Wow.
Not long after settling into their new home, Christina adopts Neewa, a half coyote
female puppy with a mysterious secret. But when the puppy becomes deathly ill, the girl