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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Pacian, breathing heavily from the struggle, quickly rolled over and retrieved his
dagger, then crouched in the snow, eyeing the redhead carefully. Aiden was confident
that she was an ally at least for the present moment, so he turned his attention to Colt. His
fight had finished, however, and the big ranger lay in snow stained with blood, unmoving
save for the ragged rise and fall of his chest. The pack leader hadn't killed him, but he
was clearly gravely wounded.
The scarred wolf was slowly stalking the redhead, practically foaming at the mouth
with insane rage. Colt's blood dripped from its jaw, and it looked ready to tear the girl
apart. She cautiously pulled the hand axe out of the dead wolf next to her, and then stood
defiantly as the pack leader approached.
“We meet again,” the red- haired girl called to the wolf, which snarled at her in reply.
She raised her free hand, and whispered some words. To the surprise of everyone,
brilliant flames shot out from her hand at the wolf, engulfing the beast in fire. It yelped in
pain and rolled in the snow, quickly putting the flames out but not before the damage was
done. Half of its fur was scorched black, and it looked even more dangerous than before.
Before Aiden could wonder how this wild savage managed to conjure some sort of
fire magic, the wolf had charged at her and she was fighting for her life. The wolf was a
flurry of gnashing teeth and bloodied claws, pushing the redhead back on the defensive.
She was clearly no stranger to a fight, but the size and ferocity of this beast could well
prove too much for her. With a quick glance to make sure Nellise was okay, Aiden
struggled back to his feet and carefully moved over to assist.
He stabbed at the beast cautiously, keeping his guard up since he was moving too
slowly to properly dodge. As he expected, the wolf turned and savagely lashed out at
him, but he managed to keep it at bay with his force shield. The redhead took advantage
of the distraction though, slashing it along its rear flank with her axe. Aiden hoped that it
would be enough to at least slow it down, but even after dealing with Colt and being
severely burned, it was still putting up a fight.
It seemed to ignore the damage from the axe, and instead focused on Aiden. It
couldn't get through the shield, but that didn't stop it from throwing its full weight against
him, knocking Aiden over into the snow. He braced for the inevitable attack, b ut instead
saw another jet of flame engulf the wolf, lighting up the fight with an eerie glow.
Howling in agony it dropped to the snow and rolled around trying to put out the flame,
but this time it wasn't so easy. Its suffering didn't last for long, however, as a crossbow
bolt struck it in the chest ending its life once and for all.
Aiden turned and saw a bloodied Nellise, down on one knee with her crossbow
levelled at the wolf's remains and a distraught look on her face. Seeing that it was finally
dead, she dropped the crossbow and clutched at her arm, clearly in pain. Aiden took a
moment to admire the young cleric's discipline, to fire so accurately while grievously
He quickly snapped out of his brief reverie and stumbled through the snow to whe re
Colt lay. The magical shield was proving cumbersome, so he spoke the command word
again and it shimmered out of existence. The big ranger's leather armour had been torn in
several places, and blood flowed freely from several nasty wounds. Aiden fell to his
knees and frantically tried to find something to stop the bleeding with, but nothing useful
presented itself.