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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

“I'll keep an eye out for danger behind us, the three of you focus on those,” Nellise
declared, holding her staff in one hand while she pulled out the small crystal from a
pouch and began whispering a chant. A sudden feeling washed over them, like a warm
breeze on a spring day. The air seemed energised, and the three men felt invigorated.
“I don‟t think these are going to be scared off so easily,” Colt growled at the boys.
“You two guard my flanks and don't jump in front of me. I can take them at a distance.”
Aiden nodded and quickly slipped the glove into one of the pockets in his longcoat,
then readied his sword as the wolves approached. In one swift move Colt levelled his
bow at a prowling wolf and loosed an arrow, striking it in the flank. The clothyard shaft
sank deep into its body, and the beast yelped and fell onto its side, twitching as it bled out
into the snow. His attack had the effect of propelling the rest of the pack into action,
snarling viciously and charging towards them. The ranger quickly drew another arrow
from his quiver and sent it flying, but the arrow went short, hitting the ground in front of
the lead wolf that simply bounded on past it.
Instead of drawing another arrow, Colt dropped the longbow behind him and drew
his greatsword, widening his stance in preparation for the rapidly closing beasts. The
three remaining wolves appeared to be heading straight for the big man at full speed.
The sound of wolves approaching from behind could be heard as Colt prepared to
meet the first group. Turning quickly, Aiden could see two wolves had charged from
behind the trees to try and take down Nellise. True to her word though, she held her
ground. She swung her staff at the first wolf as soon as it was close enough, striking the
beast in the jaw with a loud 'crack' of broken bone, followed by the pain- filled cries of the
wounded creature.
His heart racing, Aiden turned just in time to see the first wolf leap towards Colt's
throat, only to be cut in half with one swing of his massive blade. The spray of blood hit
Aiden straight on, and he recoiled reflexively from the gruesome sight. That move cost
him dearly, however. Before he could recover, Aiden was knocked down, and a searing
pain tore along his right leg. He screamed and thrashed around, trying to dislodge his
attacker, but to no avail.
Desperate, Aiden kicked out wildly and managed to hit the wolf, but not hard enough
to loosen its grip. The wolf suddenly let go but Aiden was in such pain himself he didn't
look over to see what had happened. He dropped his sword and clutched at the wound
with both hands, the warmth of his own blood flowing through his fingers.
The sound of his companions fighting could still be heard next to him, but a few
moments later Nellise was by his side.
“Don't move Aiden, you've a vicious leg wound I need to treat,” she advised. Aiden,
trying to focus through the cloud of pain, managed to ask a question.
“Is everyone else okay?”
“They‟re fine,” she told him while examining the leg. “Let‟s stop this bleeding first,
shall we?” Nellise reached down and tore away a long strip of her robe.
“It's ruined already, so why not,” Nellise muttered absently, moving quickly to tie
the strip around Aiden's leg, above the wound. He cried out briefly as she pulled the knot
tight, and then moved his hands away as she started bandaging the wound.
“I'm going to channel a little healing energy. It will cleanse the wound, though I
doubt it will be enough to close it completely. It will get him you on your feet, though.”