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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

A quick glance around the room revealed the limited selection available to them.
Colt wasted no time looking, picking up one of the short swords leaning against the wall
and examining it closely.
“Have you held a sword before, Aiden?” he asked.
“A little,” Aiden shrugged. “I know which end to point at an opponent, if that's what
you're wondering.” The sword seemed to meet whatever standard Colt held it to, so he
passed it to Aiden, hilt first.
“This will do for you. If you prove to me you can handle this thing without slicing
off your own hands, we can talk about something bigger. How do you feel about wearing
some steel, Nel?”
“As a rule, we try to avoid that sort of thing,” she replied, still somewhat distraught
from the day‟s events. “But if push comes to shove, the clergy have been taught to defend
ourselves. I have a staff in my room at the inn, and I know how to use it. But I daresay
that encasing me in a full suit of armour would render me unable to move.”
“I wouldn't worry, there's nothing so elaborate here,” Colt grunted. “Just a couple of
chainmail shirts here that you and Aiden can take.” Pacian looked bored with the
proceedings, and made his thoughts known.
“I'm taking this dagger and looking elsewhere for some equipment. Pay the man,” he
“Wait, how will you pay for anything?” Aiden spoke up as he headed toward the
door. “Colt has the money.”
Pacian smiled slyly and winked at him as he closed the door. Colt had a vague
expression on his face for a moment, then quickly took out the coin pouch and counted
them out.
“Crafty son of a bitch,” he growled, apparently discovering missing coins. “At least
he left us enough to pay for this stuff.” Their business concluded, Nellise and Aiden put
on their new armour while Colt grumbled about the price, but he didn't have a lot of
choice in the matter.
After leaving the quiet smithy, they headed back over to the Bracksfordshire Arms.
Colt and Aiden stood out the front under the cover of the veranda, while Nellise ducked
inside to quickly grab her equipment. There was no sign of Pacian yet, so Aiden had a
few slightly awkward minutes to stand around in silence with the gruff ranger.
After a few of the local farmers had passed through the doorway, Nellise reappeared
with her staff and their backpacks over her s houlder.
“I'll take that,” Pacian said, suddenly appearing next to Aiden. His own pack was
practically empty, but the blond rogue had spent his time buying provisions, which he
carried around in a large sack. But more than that, he was wearing a suit of leather
armour, dyed a patchwork of green and brown, just like Colt's.
“Where did you get that?” Colt exclaimed.
“You see that leather shop over the road there?” Pacian hiked his thumb over his
shoulder, pointing out a store just down the road from the Mayor's office. “Funny thing
is, they sell leather goods. N ice older gentleman and his young, young wife. A little too
young for him if you ask me but-”
“I know of the bloody shop,” Colt interrupted angrily, “but that's ranger armour. It's
practically a uniform.”