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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

The shaking grew more intense until the head of some armoured creature appeared
over the rise, revealing more of its body as it closed the distance. It was easily over
twelve feet in height, with shoulders eight feet across and completely encased in ornate
armour. It gleamed with the appearance of burnished steel, and the face etched onto the
front of the helmet was forged into an expression of haughty superiority – as if those it
was about to crush were beneath its notice.
The defenders held their swords and pikes nervously, and it appeared their morale
was about to break when a rallying cry came from one of their number - a huge man
nearly seven feet tall, dressed in black armour and a great horned helm leaped to the
front, bellowing out a challenge to the approaching monsters.
Unafraid, the warrior swung his weapon and sheared off a leg from one of them as if
his axe had cut through paper. The deafening sound of tortured metal echoing over the
field and the great armoured foe, unsupported, crashed to the ground, where the mighty
axe wielding warrior swept its head off in one stroke. Aiden was grimly pleased to see
one of these monstrosities fall, but knew it was a futile effort – the outcome of this battle
was inevitable.
With the fall of the first of these behemoths, the rest of the defenders rallied behind
the warrior, calling out their battle cries as the charged into the fray. The black-armoured
warrior was the only one who was truly effective against these fearsome opponents
however, and the other men could only delay the mas sive armoured creatures at the cost
of their lives. Yet they did so, without question or complaint.
After a few minutes of untold bloodshed, only the black warrior remained to defend
the castle, while Aiden stumbled backwards, sure that this was some kind of nightmare,
but unable to wake up. Then the final opponent came over the rise, with its glowing blade
ready to strike down the black warrior, and the two of them clashed, as Aiden had seen
countless times before. He suddenly remembered where he had seen this, and he was
right, it was a dream, but he still couldn't understand why it felt so real.
A shadow grew over the battlefield as something immense obscured the sun. Aiden
squinted against the light to see what was happening, and was staggered by the sight of
an immense gold dragon descending onto the battlefield. Its fine scales gleaming in the
cold light, the majestic creature was both immensely beautiful and terrifying beyond
Then, as expected, the dragon turned its great head to look directly at Aiden. The
young man froze, his eyes locked with that of the dragon, certain that he was going to be
its next meal. He could feel his heart beat slowly within his chest as time passed slowly
on the brink of his own death. The moment passed, however, and the great beast turned
its attention to the combatants before it. Suddenly, there was a white flash, and a blast of
wind sucked Aiden off his feet, causing him to fall forward to the ground.
A stillness came over the field before him as Aiden slowly looked up, almost
reluctantly, to see a massive hole carved out of the ground, easily a hundred feet across
and just as deep. It was almost a perfect hemisphere, and even went inside the bailey of
the castle itself, its gate and part of its walls cleanly sheared off where the hemisphere
met them.
Aiden slowly stood, looking at the devastation before him, and felt... at peace. It was
an odd feeling, considering what he had just witnessed, but there it was, regardless. The
scene around him began to fade, becoming dim, and kind of... purple. Then it was all