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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

and was unprepared for the riposte. With the power of a dead wizard's incantation behind
his sword arm, Aiden cleanly severed both of the warrior's legs at the calves.
The screaming akoran dropped to the ground, giving Aiden a chance to get back on
his feet and into the fight. He ran his blade through the man's chest with cold satisfaction,
and then took stock of the situation.
No less than a dozen warriors had ambushed them and only the narrow approaches
afforded by the huge piles of stores in the chamber provided Aiden and his companions
any chance of survival. Unfortunately, it also prevented him from using the powerful
sceptre, reducing this fight to a close-quarters brawl.
The akorans fought without finesse, without fear. His adrenaline pumping, Aiden
didn't feel any pain from his injury as he chopped and slashed while trying to take
advantage of the cluttered terrain.
More often than not, his sword met the shield of his opponent, who seemed to
recognise the uncanny strength behind each of Aiden's attacks. But after three rapid
strikes on the wooden shield, it shattered – along with the bones in the man‟s arm - and
left him open to a killing slash to the chest.
In all the years he had known him, Aiden had ne ver seen Pacian move so fast – he
was a man possessed, darting in and out of the supply piles to take random stabs at
passing savages, who howled in rage at their inability to keep up with him.
Sayana focused on staying alive, relying on sheer rage and the unnatural sharpness of
her mighty axe now dripping with the blood of her former people. Aiden made sure to
block the passage to her position as best he could, relying on his spectral armour to
completely absorb damage from any barbarians pressing the attack.
Whether they were under the effects of their battle- lust or they had been ordered to
fight to the death, the akorans did not relent until the last one had been slain. Morik was
unperturbed and immediately pressed on through the chamber.
“Morik, wait!” Aiden called as loudly as he dared, torn between protecting his
friends and following the warrior to make sure he didn't get himself killed. His decision
was made moments later when the sounds of further battle echoed from down the hallway
Morik had taken. Cursing under his breath, Aiden moved as quickly as he could to
support his new ally, for if he perished, any plan to bring peace to this region would
surely fail.
Chapter Twenty Five
As Aiden rounded the corner, he saw Morik being attacked by three powerful
adversaries armed with spears and axes. When Aiden moved in, he gained the attention of
one and stepped inside the reach of his greataxe to engage him in close-quarters. After a
furious exchange, Aiden had finished off his opponent while Morik ended the lives of the
other two men. He had taken several bruising wounds in the fight.
“I will survive,” he grunted, noticing Aiden grimacing at the vicious cuts. “Erag will
be just ahead and he will be ready for us, thanks to your loud entrance.”
“The loud ones are the best,” Aiden deadpanned, feeling unstoppable. “Are there any
other corridors that lead to his chambers from here?” Morik shook his head. “Perhaps we
can force him out, and set up our own ambush,” Aiden muttered to himself. “Sy, are you