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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

The darkness was replaced with the near-blinding light of midday, causing Aiden to
squint against the sudden brightness. His boots crunched over snow as he took a few
tentative steps, looking down upon a scene from his worst nightmares.
He stood amidst a battle between armoured men wearing the gold dragon tabard of
the Kingdom and others clad in hooded robes, with signs of steel armour hidden
underneath their garb. The fallen from both sides of the battle littered the landscape, and
the ringing of steel and the cries of the combatants were deafening.
One of the K ingdom soldiers suddenly bumped into him, giving him a dirty look as
he yelled in Aiden's face to get back on the line, or be tried for cowardice. Gaping wit h
surprise, Aiden looked down at his body and saw he was wearing the armour and uniform
of an Aielund soldier. His mind raced, trying to remember how he had come to be in the
middle of this fight.
Aiden knew what was coming, but he didn't know how he knew, and he staggered
around as if in a dream. The ground began to shake, and grew with intensity until the
head of an armoured creature appeared over the rise, revealing more of its body as it
closed the distance. He knew what was coming.
It was easily over twelve feet in height, with shoulders eight feet across and
completely encased in ornate armour. It gleamed with the appearance of burnished steel,
and the face etched onto the front of the helmet was forged into an expression of haughty
superiority. More followed, marching across the snow-covered land.
“You can‟t win this!” Aiden shouted, knowing the outcome of this fight. “Run, for
the love of God run!” If the soldiers heard him, they paid him no heed.
Aiden watched the ongoing battle, but knew it was a futile effort – the outcome was
inevitable. After long minutes of bloodshed, the black warrior stood alone against the last
of the bizarre metal monsters. This one was different to the others though – shorter by
several feet and wielding a huge sword in one hand, the edge of the blade rippling with
They came together in a savage dance. Aiden remembered where he had seen this,
and he was right, it was a dream, yet he couldn't understand why it felt so real.
Then, a shadow grew over the battlefield as something immense obscured the sun.
An immense gold dragon was descending onto the battlefield, its wingspan easily over a
hundred feet across.
As expected, the dragon turned its great head to look directly at Aiden. It seemed as
startled to see him as Aiden was to be witness to this entire scene. It spread its wings and
the air around it crackled and sparked with a build-up of power. A flash of white light
suddenly engulfed the battlefield and a blast of energy engulfed Aiden, who fully
expected to die.
A stillness came over the field. Aiden slowly looked up to see a colossal hole carved
out of the ground, easily a hundred feet across and just as deep. It was almost a perfect
hemisphere, and even went inside the bailey of the castle itself. The outer gate and part of
its walls cleanly sheared off where the hemisphere met them.
Aiden slowly stood, looking at the devastation before him, and felt at peace. It was
an odd feeling, considering what he had just witnessed, but there it was, regardless. The
scene around him began to fade and turn a curious shade of purple. Then it was all swept
away in a swirling sea of blue and violet light, a vista that appeared flat and featureless,
yet seemed to stretch on to infinity at the same time.