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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

Pacian reached out and attempted to open the top drawer, but found that it was
locked. At this moment, Merin called out „Now!‟, and Aiden noticed movement out of
the corner of his eye, turning to see another raelani - this one male – suddenly appear
from behind a cupboard on the opposite side of the room and throw a small dagger in the
direction of Colt‟s head. Reacting instinctively, Aiden lunged forward and pushed the big
man out of the way, sending Colt sprawling on the floor.
Merin glared at Aiden, now standing right in front of her, and weaved her fingers in
an intricate pattern, whispering words in a strange language. Before he could figure out
what was going on, a stroke of electrical energy crackled from her fingertips and hit
Aiden‟s left arm, sending him reeling backwards as he clasped his burned limb.
Aiden‟s backpedalling crashed him into a stunned Nellise sending them both
tumbling to the floor, the young man‟s eyes glazing over from shock. Colt regained his
footing and drew his massive sword, taking a swing at Merin's tiny frame, forcing her to
duck underneath the clumsy attack as she pulled a dagger out of a small scabbard
attached to her right boot. All signs of her earlier levity had vanished, and the raelani
woman now moved with practiced speed and skill.
“Pace, over there!” Aiden slurred, silently wishing he had a weapon. Pacian snapped
his gaze around to Merin‟s accomplice and charged. The little man threw another dagger
but Pacian, expecting the throw, dodged left and the small blade only gashed his shoulder
instead of catching him in the chest.
Pacian leaned forward as he ran and would have slammed into the raelani with his
other shoulder had his target not rolled out of the way. Pacian came to an abrupt halt
when he connected directly with the wall and fell backwards, clutching at his injured arm.
He recovered in time to square off against his opponent while Colt engaged in a
game of hit and miss with Merin. Pace had always been nimble and light on his feet, but
the little raelani was quicker still and managed to gash the blonde man‟s arm when he
didn't move fast enough. Seeing his friend in desperate need of help, Aiden quickly
looked around for something that he could use as a weapon.
Seeing nothing but miniature cutlery, he reached out for a small ceramic bowl and
flung it at the back of the little man‟s head. The bowl struck true, shattering and dazing
the raelani for a brief moment, giving Pacian just enough time to step in and stab him
viciously in the throat.
Colt was having far less luck against Merin. His greatsword may have been a
fearsome weapon on the battlefield, but in a small house attacking an even smaller
woman, it was next to useless. Merin landed a series of quick slashes on the big man‟s
leg with her tiny dagger before dashing between his legs and making for the exit.
Her escape came to an abrupt end as Pacian's knife thudded into her back. She gazed
at Aiden with empty eyes as spreading blood stained the front of her dress, and then
slumped to the floor, dead. The silence was broken only by the heavy breathing of those
still alive as the realisation of what had just occurred sank in.
Pacian reached over and removed his bloody knife from Merin‟s back, absently
wiping it on his tunic. A stunned Nellise had one hand over her mouth, clearly appalled
by what had just taken place before her very eyes.
“What have we done?” she whispered.
“We defended ourselves against a pair of crooks intending to do bodily harm,”
Pacian shrugged, unconcerned. “Better them than us.”