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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

companions. Sayana was scrambling over the rubble, trying to get away from the
approaching monster, while Colt and Nellise were moving through the water as fast as
they could.
The massive head moved with uncanny speed, heading straight for Colt's back, but
the big man must have sensed its approach for he turned around in the water, sword
drawn, and looked straight down into the mouth of hell. Aiden clutched onto the edge of
the stone hole with white-knuckled tension as he watched the scene unfolding below.
“Pace, you could jump down onto the back of that thing and stab its eyes out,” Aiden
exclaimed, seeing the exposed back of the snake extending out only six or seven feet
beneath their position.
“Are you crazy? I'm not jumping down there, that thing is huge!” Pacian shot back,
clearly as afraid as Aiden was.
“I'd do it, but my leg won't take the fall.”
“Bugger that!” Pacian retorted, refusing to budge. The giant serpent had clearly tired
of poking at Colt, who was swinging his sword back and forth to keep the giant fanged
mouth at bay, and instead lunged at Nellise, who was stumbling through the knee-deep
waters nearby.
She didn't even see it coming, so intent on escaping as she was, and was snatched up
in the massive jaws of the serpent which clamped down on her torso and then thrashed its
head about, trying to tear her to pieces. As she screamed, Aiden pulled out his arbalest
and started to crank the windlass furiously, while a sudden change came over Pacian.
“Son of a bitch!” he yelled, drawing his two daggers and courageously leaping from
the precipice, falling through the air to land upon the beast's back. Its head was too far
from where he landed to permit any eye-gouging, but that didn't stop Pacian driving both
blades deep into its hide, causing it to emit an ear-shattering roar as it spat Nellise out.
Her staff was flung from her hands as she fell, landing on a nearby pile of detritus but
still shedding enough light to see by.
Colt seized the opportunity to move forward and lunge at the distracted beast with
his greatsword, finally facing a foe that the oversized weapon was ideal to fight. With
two sweeps of the weapon, Colt cut deep slashing wounds along the sides of the
creature's underbelly, spilling its blood into the foul waters around them.
After several infuriating seconds of winding, Aiden set a bolt into place and with
shaking hands, raised the huge arbalest to take aim. The giant serpent was thrashing
about, trying to dislodge Pacian who was stabbing it over and over again, but the sheer
bulk of the monster was such that Aiden couldn't fail to hit it at this range.
He aimed closer for the head to avoid Pacian alto gether and squeezed the trigger.
The power of the weapon sent the bolt deep into the beasts‟ hide, causing it to roar loudly
as a fountain of blood burst forth. Despite his best efforts, Pace just couldn't maintain his
grip on the slippery hide of the beast, and was thrown into the shallow water nearby.
Realising it would take too long to reload a second time, Aiden set aside the arbalest
and wracked his brains, trying to figure out a better way of hurting the beast. Looking
around frantically, he spied a large chunk of rock nearby. Grasping it with his gloved
hands, Aiden heaved with all the strength he could muster, slowly moving the massive
chunk of stone towards the large hole, spurred on by the terrified shouts of his friends
from down below.