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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

“Your dedication to the safety of this town has been noted, Mayor,” Aiden replied
dryly, taking the key and placing it in the pocket of his new longcoat. “I'll have this back
to you within the hour if all goes well. Good day to you sir.”
Buchanan nodded and mopped his forehead with a handkerchief, as Aiden led the
others back out through the hallway again, ignoring all the black looks from the waiting
“I don't recall seeing Buchanan's name on that document we took from Merin,”
Aiden asked Pacian when they were safely outside of the echoing hallway. “How did you
know the Mayor was in on it?”
“I didn't,” Pacian shrugged, trying to keep his face free of a smug smile that
threatened to take it over. “It was a gamble, but it paid off better than I could have hoped.
I didn't even have to work for that result, the man just burst out in a nervous sweat
straight away. If you ask me, I reckon their whole shady deal has gone belly- up, and
that's what has him so worried.”
“You just got lucky,” Colt grunted.
“What was the worst thing that could happen?” Pacian asked the big ranger. “He'd
kick us out of his office maybe?”
“It might have been grounds to have us locked up,” Aiden mused. “Making an
accusation like that, straight to the face of a powerful man like Buchanan rarely ends
well. Colt's right, you just got lucky.”
“Told ya,” Colt growled. Pacian merely shrugged.
“Our luck has been pretty good lately, so I figured we'd get away with it. Any
complaints?” Nobody answered.
“I don't understand any of this,” Sayana muttered, sounding lost.
“Don't worry, sweetness,” Pacian consoled her. “The men have things under control,
you just stand there and look pretty.” Sayana gave him a solid punch to his left arm
without even turning to look, drawing a pained look from the blond rogue. Aiden
grinned, seeing yet again a demonstration o f how dangerous speaking before one thinks
can be.
Chapter Eleven
Aiden and the others stopped by the inn for a bite to eat, and a chance to catch their
breath before heading over to the Gentlemen's Club to continue their investigation. As he
finished off his bowl of hearty mutton stew, Aiden looked around the common room of
the Seaspray Inn, idly wondering if Clavis was present.
The dwarf must have been taking care of his business elsewhere though, for there
was no sign of his bulky form. Perhaps tonight, he would gather everyone together and
discuss whether or not they would accompany him on what was sure to be a dangerous
journey, for what amounted to his own personal gain. Nellise had yet to make an
appearance over the course of their meal, so Aiden assumed she decided to have lunch
with the other church- folk.
Their appetites satiated at last, the four of them left the Inn and headed in the
direction of the Gentleman's Club, apparently situated in the north-east of the town,
above the North Shore Trading Company's offices in one of the larger houses. The close
proximity of the two was not lost on Aiden, though he wasn't sure what it could mean.