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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

don't want you to embarrass me when we arrive.” Aiden raised an eyebrow at this
statement, but deduced it was probably bluster.
The six of them found moderately comfortable fallen logs on which to sit while they
ate a cold meal of cheese, sausage and bread. When nobody t hought he was looking, Colt
threw a piece of sausage over his shoulder that landed in amongst the trees, only to be
snatched up moments later by the wolf, who quickly disappeared back into the scrub with
his prize.
Pacian and Nellise sat together away from the others, talking quietly. Aiden
wondered who was trying to change whom, and which one of them would give in to the
other's point of view first. As he chewed his meal, the young adventurer glanced over at
Sayana every few moments. His desire to ask her more about the dream last night was
almost overwhelming, tempered only by his desire to keep this strangeness a secret from
the others.
It was possible they might be able to understand what was going on, but they might
also dismiss it as nonsense, which seemed the most likely result. Aiden wasn't even sure
if he really believed it, despite having borne witness to the vision.
“Can we talk for a moment?” Aiden asked Sayana quietly. “There's something we
need to discuss.” She nodded silently, picked up her bread and followed him a little
distance from the others where they could talk amongst the cold forest without being
“First of all, I want to apologise for saying something that offended you last night,”
he began. “I obviously touched upon a delicate subject, and I should have chosen my
words more carefully.”
“Don't feel bad, you couldn't have known,” she whispered in reply, pulling her warm
cloak tightly around her to keep the chill at bay. “It isn't something I have talked about
with anyone before, ever. It's hard to open up...”
“I know how you feel,” Aiden said reassuringly. “Well, I hope you're feeling better
anyway. You do seem to topple over quite a lot.” She shrugged and took a moment
between mouthfuls of food to answer.
“My... talents... require a lot of energy, and I simply cannot eat enough food to keep
me going sometimes, especially during an event like last night.”
“Is that why you eat so much and never gain weight?” Aiden inquired. She stared at
him with penetrating green eyes.
“Why did you think I was eating so much?”
“... A love of food?” he replied weakly. “Honestly I didn't know what to think. But
we're getting side-tracked here. You know why I wanted to speak with you.” She nodded,
and stuffed her mouth full of bread. “I'll accept that you somehow managed to appear in
my dream, or whatever it was. I've seen you do some pretty amazing things, so I can
believe you're capable of entering a person's mind. But if it wasn't a dream, then what
was it?
“My mind would not let me rest,” Sayana began to explain. “I laid there for several
hours, thinking about the glass you wear around your neck and where it might have come
from. Like you, I want answers. I went to take a closer look, and since you were sleeping,
I didn‟t think you‟d object. When I touched it, I was instantly in some other place - you
were standing next to me, and yet you were younger than you are now.”