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Nature Abhors a Vacuum

“You could have gone downstairs and sat next to the fireplace you know,” Aiden
said, thinking it a little eerie that she had been watching him sleep through the morning.
“There were people there, and I needed to think, as I said.”
“About what?” Aiden asked. She was being evasive, that much was clear.
“A lot of different things,” Sayana replied cryptically. “It isn't important right now.”
As Aiden‟s mind slowly started to wake up, he remembered something he had planned to
ask her, and this seemed as good a time as any.
“Sayana, you nearly died yesterday, and for the life of me I can't figure out why you
risked your life for us,” he began. The wild girl sat there mutely, waiting for Aiden to
continue. “Because, you hardly know us… and we don't really know you either.” More
silence. “Not that I'm complaining mind you. Feel free to save my life anytime.” The hint
of a smile drifted across her lips.
“I did it to save you, not them,” she admitted. Aiden, in the middle of standing up,
froze in place to look straight into her large green eyes.
“I don't suppose you want to tell me why?”
“I'm not really sure,” she hedged, seeming to be confused. “I feel strange around
you. Not a bad sort of strange, but more of a... memory of something I've lost.” Aiden
blushed a little, not quite sure what she was saying, but drawing some fanciful
conclusions. “I travel with you to explore these feelings.”
“Umm...” said Aiden, tongue tied at the sudden honesty of the girl. “Look, you're
very pretty and all, but we hardly know each other, so...” Sayana looked embarrassed and
squirmed on the bed.
“Not those sort of feelings,” she clarified. “Understand that the power I work with,
the control I have over it, is instinctive. I need to be in tune with my feelings because
each emotion is a different state of energy that affects my abilities. I must be disciplined.”
“What does this have to do with me?” Aiden asked, having second thoughts about
this conversation.
“You see, I don't know where my powers come from,” she continued. “But what I
feel when I'm around you reminds me of something from when I was very young, and
somehow... that's connected to what I am,” she said, searching for the right words. “I seek
to discover more, so I travel with you to learn.” Aiden recalled what had happened just
before they arrived at Fort Highmarch, and lifted the shard of glass that was hanging
around his neck up so she could see it.
“When you touched this back when we were at the fort, it glowed. Does this have
something to do with the feeling you describe?” Sayana considered it for a moment, and
then held out her hand.
“May I have a closer look?” Aiden nodded and placed it in her hand. She held it up
to her eyes, looking closely at the remains of the glass sphere. Seeing nothing of interest,
she hung it around her neck. Her eyes went wide and she gasped, staring off into the
distance as her tattoos started to glow with a white light, dimly at first but brighter as the
seconds past. The shard itself was glowing in the same manner. She was quite a sight at
that moment, lit up like an angel.
The door to Aiden's room opened and Nellise poked her head in, a curious look on
her face. She seemed taken aback by Sayana's appearance, then quickly recovered and
stepped inside, closing the door behind her.