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MySpace Promotion

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Get Full Version Myspace E-book Now
you rather not have your photo on the internet you can upload any
image for example an artsy image, an image of anything general to
use as a placemat. Keep in mind though, that images of a real person
do get a better response rate than those that do not have a photo.
Changing Your Myspace Theme
It's best that you change your myspace theme from the default theme
that Myspace uses. There are many myspace help sites that you can
use to select a theme. I've listed some of the best ones below:
3) Myspace Layouts
The above three sites should enable you to find a layout that you like.
Once you've found the layout, copy/paste the layout code they
provided into the "About Me" section in your myspace profile. This will
then transform your Myspace Profile page to the theme you've chosen.
Take note that most of these sites will have links back to their website.
You can edit the coding to remove these links if you know basic html.
Editing Your Theme
Now that you have your new theme, it is now time to edit it to have
links back to the websites you are going to be promoting. If you have
banners for your website, you can add those banners in any section
you wish. For example by placing your banner code in the about me
section it will load your banner in the About Me area. Start placing
links to your site in high visible areas, preferably the top half of your
profile page.
Okay, you've created your profile and have links, so what's next?
Building Your Friends List
This is the most crucial aspect. You've got your page all set and ready
to go but you have 1 friend, and that's a guy name Tom who is
Get Full Myspace E-book Version Now
Get Full Version Myspace E-book Now
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version
Created by Mr Kuha. Free Version