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My Side of the Cave - A Look at Our World With a Little Common Sense Thrown In

My Side of the Cave
A Look at Our World
With a Little Common Sense Thrown In
© 2011 Robert Strait
Patriotic, Red White and Blue
These thoughts are not for the middle ground, not for the weak kneed and not for those
who belittle our country and search for change.
These words are directed to those who are strongly nationalistic and believe that we are
blessed for our beliefs and our actions.
Our world as we know it, starting somewhere in the caveman age and to the very present,
has involved mankind’s search for our being, the how, the why and the where to.
Before I continue, let’s get rid of some politically correct nonsense. The term „’mankind’’
includes both the male and female species. That said, let me continue. The human species
has from the beginning, asked questions and looked for answers. Beginning with hunting
and gathering, discovering fire and making tools, we have been on a non-ending search.
Our America and it’s people have excelled in invention, science and innovation. We are
thinkers, learners and teachers. Our founders gave us a solid foundation with laws that
were well thought out with a common sense approach of what is right. Though there are
differences between us, we remain one people joined at the hip and bound together to
make us a great nation.