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My Dear Son 02

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Published: 1 year ago

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This is the 2nd volume of a collection of short stories that an Indian father tells his children at bedtime. There are two ways to live. The first one is allowing the mind to lead you to the pain and pressures in life. It is based on a set of rules, "to-do and not-to-do". The second path, helps one to lead a life with less failures and no injuries. I am sure that these stories along with the message that it accompanies would help children, lead a successful and peaceful life.



Retired Electronics Engineer, took to Spirituality after certain miracles in life, moved by poverty around the globe. Took to researching on ECONOMICS, POLITICS. Wrote several books with sort stories so that poorest of poor can understand. Only the poor and common man can change the world, Poor are poor because they do not have Learning & Thinking skills.

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