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Philosophy Ebooks

My Choice to Abuse Drugs

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Published: 5 years ago

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Download this FREE eBook that consists of a philosophical inquiry into drug abuse, the war against drugs, society, and reality. Download it today!


Thought this might have been more concerned about drugs, but actually turned out really insightful. Raised many valid points, most of them not even concerning drugs but something more serious.

Chris Bachman

i found this to be an extremely thought provoking and helpful book. while the author is very radical in his/her ideas about drug use and the war against drugs, the message about society is one that holds truth. The style of writing is entertaining and it is well written with good rhetoric although a few hyperbolic situations are used. also the author may be a bit naive as to the actions of certain groups or individuals. overall a fantastic book and a great read if you are truly reading and analyzing not simply looking for a story.



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