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Mercuria, Rising

there would ever be between them? Would he welcome the
revelation of the woman behind the mask? She had, herself,
leaped blindly into Mercuria's exhilarating world to escape
that woman's gray life. Would things be any different with
Reggie? Could Linda Herman be any more real or special
or important to Reggie than she had been to Steve? To
She blew a kiss to the station manager, who had come in
himself to make sure she got the evening off, stuffed the
awful teal dress onto the passenger seat, then laughed, a
little sadly, from that deep, hidden place as she turned the
key and gunned the car out into traffic.
Love and super powers had never been very successfully
mixed, at least in the two-dimensional realm of the comics.
The obvious hubris of believing such things should work
differently for her, just because she was her, grated quietly
at the hidden pillars of her self-confidence, but she brushed
the feelings aside and forced her eyes to take in the road
ahead. She'd have to sort out the personal stuff later. Right
now, Mercuria had a wedding to stop.
The narrow entranceway was jammed as tuxedoed
groomsmen fought their way through a hoop-skirted, teal
obstacle course to line up for the processional. Someone
knocked over a little table of programs that scattered like
snow under their shoes. Steve, Reggie's Best Man, slid past
her without a glance to man his post beside the teary-eyed
Maid of Honor. Reggie was already at the front beside
Father Mike, awaiting their entrance. Handel's Coro began
in the distance.
Steve hooked the Maid of Honor's arm and started down
the aisle. When her turn came, Linda followed, arm in arm
with Reggie's brother or cousin or friend, a plain body in a