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Master Blueprint to Internet Marketing Success

Most of us start each new year off by examining how we will make this year different
from last year. We identify what was good and what was bad about the previous year, and
in the spirit of renewal, make “resolutions”… promises to ourselves to change things.
It’s no secret that most people don’t keep these resolutions. This special report was
created to help you understand how to keep one of your New Year’s Resolutions… the
promise to do those things that will make your online business a big success THIS
In order to help you reach that goal, I will at times be BRUTALLY honest with you.
Hopefully, I don’t offend too many people, but if I do, and it gets you to take the proper
action, then I will have achieved my goal. I will have improved your life in 2006.
Trying To Keep The Fluff Down
Many of us have been conditioned to think that the bigger… the more substantial
something is, the more valuable it is. I tend to think the opposite. I don’t want to have to
sift through a lot of fluffy to get to the usable nuggets. So I won’t force you to do that
I value your time too much for that. You need to read through this report, making notes
as you go. Go back and read it several times because new insights will jump out at you on
each reading. Then put things into action.
I do write in a conversational tone, which adds a little more volume, but it also makes it
easier to read. The tone is intended to make reading it less work. If it’s too much work,
you won’t read this report, and we will have both failed!
I will make this special report available as an MP3 file too. That MP3 will be available
for download from
Allow me to pause right here and point out that everything I do has a purpose, and so you
need to pay close attention and learn not only from what I say, but also what I do.
Here’s one of the first lessons. You’ve been taught that “the money’s in the list.” One
of my secondary purposes in creating this special report was to continue building MY
LIST. You’ll notice that I offered this special report with Master Resale Rights. That was
to get it into as many hand as possible. I offered it very inexpensively to make it very
easy for as many marketers as possible to purchase the reprint rights and spread my
As you read this ebook, and perhaps do some research on my name, you’ll discover that I
really do “know my stuff.” That will sell you on ME, Willie Crawford. At that point, if