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Marketing For Writers

Marketing For Writers
© Cheryl Wright
It‟s a cold hard fact that m ost w riters don‟t w ant to m arket them selves, they
want to write.
B ut w hat if you don‟t m arket, w hat then?
I can tell you from experience that‟s it not nice. N o one know s w ho you are, and
if nobody knows you, why would they buy your stuff?
S im ple. T hey w ouldn‟t.
It took me a long time to realise that fact, and even longer to do something
about it. But almost as soon as I did, people began to notice me.
M any people don‟t realise this, but February 2003 I was a total unknown. Except
for a six year stint as editor of a large staff newsletter for a large corporation,
I had only been published in either incidental newsletters or non-paying markets.
And very few of those.
So what changed for me? I decided to write full-time due to health reasons; to
do that, people (read as editors) needed to know who I was, to give them a
reason to take a chance on me.
This first thing I did was create a website. That was a huge effort for me, since
back then I was the biggest Internet Dummy you would ever come across. These
days – only a few years down the track – I have created, and maintain six or
more websites. It‟s all true, I sw ear!
I began to hang out on forums and in egroups. If an opportunity arose where I
would be highlighted, I took it. And I made sure that every chance I had, I
stuck my head up and answered a question.
Be warned though, never, ever, join a group and blatantly promote yourself. By
this I m ean don‟t join then continuously advertise your books.
O ver tim e I‟ve found that the best prom o is the one w here it‟s not a blatant
promo. For example, instead of placing a promo ad on an egroup, just mention the
item in question in passing. Perhaps mix it in with the topic at hand – but only if
it‟s relevant.
- 3 -