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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
shall move onto enhancing your text in later chapters of the book.
In the mean time, you need to decide how you are actually going to transfer your ideas from
your brain to the drawing board.
It is always handy to make a manuscript of what you are going to write. If you find it too
difficult to maintain one and do not think it is an efficient way to spend your time, it is best
that you at least maintain a rough notebook on which you can jot down your ideas and
“What exactly is brainstorming?”
It is when you let your imagination free. You think of possibilities, and note down all
possible ideas and make a note of every idea you imagine. While brainstorming, you never
refuse an idea because it is not good for your writing.
I must stress that all accomplished writers use ALL the ideas that occur to them in some way
or the other. This is only possible when you do not eliminate any budding idea, and note them
down immediately. As the book progresses, you might need to use the ideas in some form or
the other.
4. Direction
The next thing that you need to do, before starting your book, is decide the general direction
the content has to take. You need to plan your writings in a systemized manner. The book
should not be a jumbled up amalgamation of your experiences.
Now, we are well on our way to understanding how you
can turn your life's stories into a best seller in the world
of literary fame.
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