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Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a writer

Making Money with Your Knowledge and Expertise as a Writer
The Art of Self-Publishing and Its Benefits
Mona Sharif
Here is how you can capture the attention of your reader:
1. Sarcasm:
Sarcasm in writing comes when you use words that you really do not mean. Mostly, authors
use it to show how obvious something is. Using sarcasm
adds that little spice to your text as it also keeps your reader
involved. If we compare a monotonous text with one that has
some elements of sarcasm in it, we see that the monotonous
one is very boring and increasingly difficult to read. Whereas
we find that, the one with sarcasm keeps the reader
interested, because it requires the reader to be on his alert
while reading. It also makes the reader curious about the
purpose of sarcasm in your writing.
There is quite a debate raging in literary circles, because most authors think that sarcasm
borders irony. Some say that sarcasm goes the extra mile, because it is not only ambivalent,
but also includes irony in its usage.
Sarcasm helps writers to control some of the aggressiveness in their tone. As a writer, you do
not want to go over the top and show your readers that you are one who cannot handle the
pressure of public writing and one who gets overly excited. You must show self-control.
Conversely, you also need to realize that there are not many rules that govern the use of
sarcasm in your written speech. It is also important to note that excessive usage of sarcasm
may in fact be very bad for your writing and can pass as rude.
I have noticed that too much of anything, be it monotonous language, jargon or even sarcasm,
does not help maintain the flow of the text. Remember, your first priority should be to
maintain the flow and natural delivery of your text. You should not insert sarcasm forcefully,
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